Breakfast-Welcome to LouLou s Griddle in the Middle!


Served with Pico and Loulou’s Famous Potatoes.
Choice of Sourdough or Wheat

Pop Eye Jack
Three-egg omelette with fresh sautéed spinach
and Monterey Jack cheese

Monterey Jack 
Three-egg omelette with carmelized
onions, red bell peppers and Monterey
Jack cheese

Better Cheddar
Three-egg omelette with ham and
cheddar cheese

Seafood Reef Rider 
Three-egg omelette with shrimp, crab,
mushrooms and Monterey Jack cheese

You Name It, We’ll Make It!
Create you own Omelette

Three-egg Omelette
Substitute Egg Whites
add some Avocado
Select One    Select One          Select Two
SIZZLE            CHEESE              SPICE-IT-UP
Bacon              Cheddar               Basil
Ham                Monterey Jack      Spinach
Linguica           Swiss                  Red Bell Pepper
House-made                               Diced Red Onions
Sausage                                     Tomatoes
                                                 Sauteéd Mushrooms
                                                 Sliced Jalapeños
Wharf Wrap
Our famous potatoes, pico, jack & cheddar 
cheese and scrambled eggs wrapped in a
flour tortilla
The selections below are served with Pico and
Loulou’s Famous Potatoes. Choice of Sourdough
or Wheat

Two Eggs Any Way Sunny Side Up,
Over Easy, Medium or Hard, or Scrambled
Okay almost ”Any Way” except poached. (We direct
poachers to The Department of Fish & Game)

Choice of bacon, ham, linguica or sausage

Crab Cakes & Eggs
Crab Cake seared on the griddle served with fresh
pico de gallo with eggs anyway you like
Squiddle & Eggs
Tender calamari steak lightly breaded and griddled
to a crispy brown. Served with eggs anyway
you like

HubCap Griddle Cake
Loulou’s Hubcap-size “No Stack” 
pancake served with butter and syrup
Hubcap Cake
Banana Hubcap Cake
Chocolate Chip Hubcap Cake
Fresh Berries in Season Hubcap Cake
             add some Chocolate Syrup
 (Oh go ahead, it’s practically an antioxidant)

powder sugar dusted served with butter & syrup

Sourdough French Toast 
(Thin sliced Sourdough bread)
Cinnamon French Toast 
(Thick sliced Cinnamon bread)
Berry Chunky French Toast 
(Fresh Berries, Chocolate Chips)
Nana Split French Toast 
(Fresh Banana Slices, Berries)
            with Chocolate Syrup

Loulou’s Oatmeal 
Bruleé Style ……........(Ask for availability) 
It’s totally worth the wait... 
If we’re in the mood to make it.